4 super cool ideas to maximize your house spaces

4 super cool ideas to maximize your house spaces

If you are one of those who are looking for how to make the most out of your limited spaces, here are plenty of the key answers! With the area limitation, we definitely could not extend anymore fields. So, the essential implementation is the wall!

These bare wall are great spaces to fulfill your life through the design. Hence, we could decorate our wall with our own arts which would endure us the warmth of creativities. Koolator, we gather all inspiring ideas for another level to decorate your place!

1. Big art piece

The big artwork, either a photography or a drawing is an interesting idea as to intensify the mood and tone for tiny rooms. Black and White mode additionally builds up the beauty of minimal style of artistic taste including vibrant and striking colors.

2. Build up the gallery wall!

There is no any other way to show your identity and characteristic than galleried decorations. This cherished combination of art pieces can be presented in many ways such as to use simple frames or to use luxurious patterns. The gallery wall presents your styles sophistication and values.

3. Turn your entire wall to the art!

Turn your entire wall to the canvas! Place the big piece of art as to cover all the areas. It could be any forms like drawing or screening. This is surely would make a Wow! to all visitors!

4. Use your plate!

More than the eating material is the outstanding masterpiece! The plate’ pattern is a beautiful ornament for your room.