Let’s anatomize the sculptures and dissect the body!

Let’s anatomize the sculptures and dissect the body!

Everyone is familiar with Marble sculptures. Especially, the famous David sculpture created by the legendary artist, Michelangelo; one in the drawing people’s standard list which includes people around the world’s sights. Well, frankly is it is just a quick passing! Like… one of a famous sculptures, and then?

Normality is not an artist production when Cao Hui, a Chinese artist who brought the regular status to dissect them! Yep! You didn’t hear it wrong! He really dissected the work to reveal everything from the inside!

The brutal truth of the inside is not only the marble itself, but real flesh; muscles, bones and brains, as if we are watching “Dexter” in marble statue version- stunning and also disgusting in the same time.

In his statement, it said that “It is like the artist is not very happy to be an artist, but then he was moved from the love of the performance to try different roles. For example is a phycologist, a scientist, a doctor or even an engineer. I think that the himself desires to take the role as God more than anything else; and he will stop at the point of nothingness to build the truth that he can prove it himself.

Moreover, the other works of the artist from the land of dragon, are all about anatomical dissection. If this is your style, you may search to know more about him under the name of Cao Hui. A caption for you is that other of his works are much more extreme!

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