The Super Surreal Portrait Collage by Marcelo Monreal

The Super Surreal Portrait Collage by Marcelo Monreal

Collage means to combine different information sources all together by telling the story and placing the composition through pictures; there are characters, places and some meaningful pieces of the ideals which could be instantly understood by seeing from the big view.

This charming art provides unlimited power of surreal world. We can attached this and that, unrelated and uncategorized items, but mix and match them in one frame! The capability of this surrealism is the best way to make it more fun!

For an example is Marcelo Monreal’s works, a Brazilian artist who has created his collage art under “Feel Good” concept, by using the flowers as an art formation; as if they grew from the face to represent the innermost’s beauty, and the world’s delicacy.

Besides the alluring surrealism, what makes his works outstanding is the fresh and bright color tones selection. For more of his works on Facebook, you may visit and on Instagram @marcelomonreal

Special Thanks to beautifuldecay
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