Soundwave Tattoo: The Art On The Flesh in 4.0

Soundwave Tattoo: The Art On The Flesh in 4.0

Sometimes, “Tattoo” may not be able to completely explain the message or the meaning of it. Nete Siggard, the tattoo artist from California has come up with an innovation called “Soundwave Tattoo” which encoded the sound and music in the tattoo by using the Skin Motion app on the smartphone.

The encoded sound must be lesser that a minute and after the recording is done; the sound wave would be stamped on the selected skin area, then the Soundwave would be recorded, edited and uploaded in the application as the personal portable audio machine.

More than the applied art and the advancement of the technology, this is another amazing option and a precious gift for capturing the memorable moment in the tattoos. An example of this is George Glanor, a man who recorded his father’s last word before his father passed away from cancer and also being an inspiration for those who are suffering from the same sickness as well.

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