Slow & Steady

เริ่มต้น: ฿3,000.00 ต่อชิ้น (ราคาไม่รวมภาษี)

รหัสสินค้า: PAY005-2019 หมวดหมู่:


A big family of snails wanted to go on a trip across the meadow. They started their journey in the morning one day and plan to arrive at their destination a week after. Along the way, they met a rabbit who felt impatient about the snails’ travel speed. The rabbit offered to take them where they wanted in just one day. However, the family politely refused. “Oh, we are enjoying the view and the grass and the dirt very much. And moving slowly is quite nice too if you give it a try.” The rabbit just shook his head because he didn’t understand their point of view. However, all the other slow animals knew exactly what they meant and how nice that feeling was.

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31×46 cm (Original), 30×45 cm